Clarity Forex

Career and Achievements

Work Culture

As an organization, we value honesty, trust and integrity above all else. Consequently, our people are hard-core professionals dedicated to furthering these values and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Our work culture is based on the belief that for 100 per cent productivity there has to be a healthy balance between work and family life. Needless to say, just as customer satisfaction holds top priority, we also guarantee employee satisfaction.

Every employee has individual Key Result Areas (KRAs) that act as drivers of motivation and productivity. We employ a fair and objective process of annual performance appraisal and the organization rewards those employees who set and exhibit high standards of performance and work excellence.

HR-Policy- Clarity Financials

Clarity Financial Services Ltd. works to ensure strong and healthy organizational growth by creating a climate of excellence, where individuals at every level have the skills and the motivation to achieve organization goals and objectives.

We also emphasize the continuous development of all staff members through investment in training programs. Our employee-growth programs range from customer relationship management and managerial development to service excellence and behavioral programs.


As one of the leading foreign exchange dealers in eastern India for almost 20 years since 1996 , we have been awarded by AMERICAN EXPRESS BANK as one of the top ten forex card seller in 2013-14 .Through our continuous hard effort we have also been awarded highest forex card seller in EASTERN INDIA for two consecutive years 2014-15 and 2015-16 by AXIS BANK LTD.

Our honourable director Mr. Sanjay Gupta receiving award from Mr.SHAILESH BAIDWAN, the CEO of the AMERICAN EXPRESS BANK

Our honourable director Mr. Sanjay Gupta receiving award from Mr.RAJ NAIR ,the Deputy vice president of AXIS BANK.